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Meet Erik.

Erik Pettee
Founder and Design Lead

With more than 20 years of design experience, Erik guides day-to-day operations and design projects helping clients navigate their biggest challenges. His guidance develops a deep trust and lasting relationships with everyone he meets. Always pressing until designs are just right, Erik keeps his fire burning through a balanced schedule of meaningful work.

On the personal side, he roasts his own coffee, dabbles in espresso, runs trails, golfs and spends time with his family that includes Randee and his two dogs Ziggy and Zoey.

Meet Randee.

Randee Jensen
UX Designer

Randee, originally a public relations professional, worked for the largest PR firm in the country before turning in her corporate card to become a full-time UX-er. In just two short years, she’s become a formidable UX designer and is responsible for foundational research and early design concept work for all of our client projects.

Outside of work, you’ll find Randee relaxing with her dogs, reading books and golfing.